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People have consumed beer for more than 8,000 years—and for many, beer has served as a food as much as a drink.

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This book discusses specific testing protocols, techniques, taster training, maintaining a panel, and necessary equipment.

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Teoria e Pratica della preparazione del Malto Fabricazione della Birra

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Technological Calculations, Benchmarks and Correlations for Process Optimization.

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The filtration guideline was designed to serve as a tool for evaluating filtration equipment in the brewing industry.

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Книга представляет собой уникальное собрание описаний и рецептов сортов пива из самых разных стран мира. Некоторые из них ведут свою историю от античных времен, какие-то появились сравнительно недавно.

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A comprehensive and up-to-date reference book covering every relevant aspect of hops.

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Пособие для практиков дает всеобъемлющий обзор видов и сортов сырья, установок и технологических систем, показателей качества и стабильности.

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Technology Brewing & Malting' - known as 'the Kunze' in brewing circles - has been accompanying countless brewers and maltsters while learning and practicing their trade ever since the first edition was published in 1961.

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Management / Pure yeast cultures / Propagation.


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Raw grain adjuncts - Sugars and sugar syrups - Malt substitutes.

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Книга адресована в равной степени как лицам, обучающимся различным специальностям отрасли пивоварения, так и практикующим пивоварам, а также их поставщикам.

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El libro de referencia de Wolfgang Kunze en una nueva edición totalmente revisada – 1a edición en Español 2006.

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The new MEBAK volume „Sensory Analysis“ is a must for all persons responsible in the quality control of breweries.

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Artikel-Nr.: 1615

Craft brewers, home brewers, and brewing students will find this book an invaluable resource. It provides not only the background necessary to understand the evolution of dark lagers but also dozens of unique, tested recipes. Brewing professionals will be intrigued by the “history and mystery” of dark lagers and enjoy a really good read!

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The most recent international experience/insights/processes and causal connections in the German beverage industry and its equipment suppliers, including the washing of glass and plastic containers (PET) dressed in plastic labels, are described and dealt with in detail. In addition, this book can also serve as an aid in arriving at decisions on capital investment (In English).

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This new book, the first in a series entitled "Practical Guides to Beer Quality," offers an easy-to-read yet comprehensive and authoritative description of all the factors that impact the quality and quantity of foam on beer.

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The Evolution of Industrial Biotechnology

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This volume not only provides the reader with straightforward, practical analysis methods but also a basic outline for designing a microbrewery, from the initial planning stages through selecting the appropriate technology for wort and beer production to establishing a systematic quality control routine.

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With its distinguished editor and contributors, Functional and speciality beverage technology will be an essential collection for professionals and academics interested in this product sector. (In Englisch)

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It provides reader-friendly coverage of basic brewing chemistry

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MEBAK brewing methods of analysis of water: drinking water, process water, boiler water, wastewater, mineral water, spring water, bottled water.

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This comprehensive reference combines the technological know-how from five centuries of industrial-scale brewing to meet the needs of a global economy. The editor and authors draw on the expertise gained in the world s most competitive beer market (Germany), where many of the current technologies were first introduced.

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In the Hop Aroma Compendium you will find a detailed description of unique aromas of 48 hop varieties out of the United States, Australia and Germany.

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Artikel-Nr.: 1557

This timely book summarizes the current scientific understanding of hop flavor and aroma with contributions from the world's leading hop scientists.

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In this latest edition, MEBAK has combined all of the analysis methods from their previous collections relating to Wort, Beer and Beer-based Beverages into a new, single volume.

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