Applied Malting and Brewing Science

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Humans have been producing fermented beverages for at least ten thousand years. Chief among them is beer, which has arguably never been more popular than it is at this point in history. The United States alone boasts more than 9,500 breweries, a number which has risen steadily as the market for craft beer continues to grow in that country. Thus, maltsters and brewers there and around the world are constantly looking for ways to hone their skills to create products of the highest quality as consistently as possible. With the detailed information presented in this book, they will not only be able to reacquaint themselves with the basic tenets of their profession but will also acquire an in-depth scientific foundation and a wide range of practical knowledge in all aspects of advanced malting and brewing.

This landmark work on malting and brewing, originally entitled Abriss der Bierbrauerei, is currently in its eighth edition and has hitherto only been offered in the German language. However, it is now finally available for the first time in translation, as an unabridged and updated English edition. Applied Malting and Brewing Science is a reference for those interested in any facet of malt and beer production, including all of the most recent technical innovations in equipment and processes. This book represents the collective knowledge amassed over many decades of research by Ludwig Narziß in his tenure as Professor at the Chair for Brewing Technology at Weihenstephan.

Readers of Applied Malting and Brewing Science will find the following:

  • Comprehensive treatment of topics covering raw materials, malt and wort production, fermentation, packaging and much more
  • A team of authors with decades of experience in the fields of malting and brewing science, both in academia and in their application in the industry
  • A design which facilitates use of the book as both a student textbook and as a practical guide

Written by the late Ludwig Narziß and his team, Applied Malting and Brewing Science is an indispensable source for students at any level in related scientific disciplines and for anyone working in the malting and brewing industry.





Autoren: Ludwig Narziß, Werner Back, Martina Gastl, Martin Zarnkow

Einband: Softcover

Maße: 17,0 x 24,4 cm

Seitenzahl: 528

Erscheinungsdatum: 15.12.2023

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN: 978-3527347346

Verlag: Wiley-VCH



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