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Special Journal print and online for the brewing and beverage industry

This professional brewing journal in English is aimed at providing a forum to exchange experience and knowledge in all areas of brewing and malting, not just by publishing technical articles by research institutes, but also through reports from suppliers and above all by contributions from actual factory situations. Our main objective is to provide a suitable platform for all concerned with brewing to achieve world-wide technology transfer in the brewing industry.

Publication details

  • BRAUWELT International PRINT and ePaper

          6 times a year, circulation: 136 countries


          Knowledge (All the latest information on the industry from raw materials to finished beer and beyond)

          Market News

          Interviews and Portraits

          Events and Conferences

          Beers and Brewing around the world

          Classifieds and Buyers Guide

  • BRAUWELT International ONLINE

          International Report (Exclusively written by Dr. Ina Verstl and published 3 times a month at www.brauwelt/en for free)

          Archive (From 1999 on, incl. PDF-files). Searching the archive and viewing the list of hits is for free, downloading the found

          articles as PDF-files is for subscribers only.


          Events and Calendar

          Career (Job offers, People and Positions)

          On Tap (Beers and Brewing around the World)

          News (Science-, Tech- and Corporate-News)

          Media resources (Image Galleries)

  • BRAUWELT International Newsletter

          "Liquid assets with Ina“ by Dr. Ina Verstl, for free (3 times a month)

           Access to contents of print issues, full access only for subscribers (6 times a year)


Leading managers in the technical management within breweries, maltings and manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks - global coverage of decision makers.
Teachers and students from the relevant teaching and training institutions.

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