Diacetyl in Fermented Foods and Beverages

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Takashi Inoue, 140 pp., softcover., 2008

Dr. Inoue’s treatise on diacetyl will be important to every brewer.
-Cindy-Lou Bell, Anheuser Busch, Inc.
Diacetyl plays an important role in the quality determination of foods and beverages. This comprehensive publication on diacetyl formation in fermented foods and beverages explains the science behind diacetyl formation, how to control it, and how to measure it in food manufacturing processes. A change in a manufacturing method or the quality of a raw material can unexpectedly enhance an unpleasant diacetyl odor or remove a pleasant diacetyl flavor. It is no surprise that this compound and its control are of critical importance in today’s manufacturing practices.

Originally published only in Japanese and now translated to English, the text has been revised to reflect current research on diacetyl. Diacetyl in Fermented Foods and Beverages covers
Dr. Takashi Inoue, one of Japan’s premier diacetyl researchers, is a globally-recognized expert on the topic of diacetyl formation in fermented foods and beverages. Diacetyl in Fermented Foods and Beverages offers the life-long research and learnings of Dr. Inoue. diacetyl formation and control in beer, wine, Sake, vinegar and dairy products. The text is a helpful guide for any food manufacturing process and a valuable resource for anyone studying food science or food manufacturing. It is a must-have resource for anyone involved in a manufacturing process in which tracking and regulating diacetyl formation is imperative. The book provides analytical methods used in brewing, which can be easily modified to analyze other foods and beverages.

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