The Yeast in the Brewery

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The brewing yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. is the most important microorganism for the production of beer. Beside the raw materials malt, hops and water the properties of the yeast infuence in a decisive way the quality of the end product beer and the productivity of the fermentation and maturation processes in the brewery.

"The Yeast in the Brewery" is the English translation of a successful German publication written by Professor Dr. Gerolf Annemüller, Dr. Hans-J. Manger and Dr. Peter Lietz. On more than 460 pages the book describes the fundamental technical aspects of the industrial application of yeast in the brewing process.
Major topics:

  • Some historical facts about the development of the pure yeast cultures
  • Why it is necessary to regenerate the pitching yeast and what are their demands in the brewery?
  • Important microbiological and biochemical fundamentals of the yeast multiplication and their significance for the pure yeast culture and for the yeast propagation
  • Machinery, equipment and plants for yeast pure culture and propagation
  • Yeast management in the brewery
  • Recovery of barm beer and alternatives of utilization of barm beer and surplus yeast

This 2nd revised English edition has been updated and corrections have been made, along with the addition of supplemental information in several chapters.



Product details

Author/s: Hans-J. Manger, Gerolf Annemüller, Peter Lietz

Cover: Hardcover

Format: 17.0 x 24.0 cm

Number of pages: 464

Illustrations: 180

Year of publication: April 02, 2018

Language: English

ISBN: 978-3-921690-85-7

Publisher: Versuchs- u. Lehranstalt f. Brauerei



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