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This brewer’s primer cannot and should not, in any way, be a substitute for a comprehensive study of brewing. Naturally, neither can it substitute for the practical experience that a brewer acquires over long periods in a brewery. It is rather meant to provide a knowledge basis for those starting an operation, give those who are in the business a grounding, and for those who have a lot of experience, open the possibility of reviewing material in a refresher course. The author of Brewing 101 aims to provide an overview of all aspects of the production process in generally understandable terms. But even Brewing 101 cannot get by without some technical terms. They are compiled in glossaries. In addition, there are sections with calculations. It has been found that it is indeed the simplest calculations that cause the most problems and that, instead of calculations, operatives simply guess. OK, sometimes this works out well but sometimes it does not. The results are published in the online forum at – "Service/Forum".

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