Yearbook 2009. BrewingScience – Monatsschrift für Brauwissenschaft

Yearbook 2009. BrewingScience – Monatsschrift für Brauwissenschaft

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Paperback, 21.0 x 29.6 cm, ed. 2009.

The Yearbook 2009 have received two months later than usual. That is because we have changed the time period covered by the Yearbook: Formerly it featured articles published from November to October of the following year, in the future it will feature articles published during the conventional calendar year. Therefore the present Yearbook covers 14 months for once. As of next year, it will cover 12 months. We opted for that procedure in order to make it easier for our authors to index articles published within one calendar year.

The year 2009 has been strongly influenced by the EBC Congress in Hamburg, which was a great success and helped motivate and inspire the international brewing science by presenting important questions and ideas. This is also reflected in the quality and number of the articles and the wide range of topics covered in BrewingScience. This Yearbook presents 20 scientific articles on numerous subjects like raw materials, brewhouse, fermentation, storage, filtration and filling. It also features discussions of current problems, concerning, for example, analytics or flavour stability, in due consideration of new aspects and scientific findings. A special focus is on gushing though, due to the immense problems it caused in 2007. Since then extensive research has been done, the results of which are introduced in this issue as well. Considering the complexity of the subject, it is most likely that we have not heard the last of it.

Do you want to keep track of the latest developments in the brewing science? Read about fascinating topics in step with actual practice, up-to-date research results and brand-new methods? Then order now and get your subscription to BrewingScience! Abstracts of the articles published in BrewingScience - Monatsschrift für Brauwissenschaft are available for free (take a look at; and, the entire content is subject to subscribers only.

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