FLAVOR: Practical Guides for Beer Quality

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Charles W. Bamforth, 96 S., 25,4 x 20,3 cm, Softcover., 2014

FLAVOR is the second book in the "Practical Guides to Beer Quality" series. FLAVOR offers an easy-to-read yet comprehensive and authoritative description on the science of flavor in brewing. It also addresses how factors such as raw materials and the process impact the flavor and aroma of beer. Through this book, the reader can systematically get to the root cause of flavor problems they are encountering and address quality issues through: Brewing science knowledge without the technical complexities Practical advice pertaining to brewing for flavor characteristics Quality assurance and control parameters for flavors Troubleshooting guides to flavor issues References and links provided in the book will also allow the reader to source methods and equipment that they can use in pursuit of flavor excellence. FLAVOR will be of interest to brewers; suppliers to the brewing industry; sensory scientists; home brewers; beer servers in bars, restaurants, and hotels; and any serious lover of beer. It will enhance courses in malting and brewing science and any class where flavor is covered.

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