Practical Handbook for the Specialty Brewer,Vol. 2, Fermentation

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Karl Ockert, 263 S., 25 x 18 cm, Softcover., 9 th. ed. 2014

More than 65 years ago MBAA created a simple, practical, technical book on all aspects of brewing in a user friendly question-and-answer format. Building on that best-selling concept, this popular handbook series, written by MBAA experts, expands the Q&A format in a comprehensive manner, making it easier than ever to find answers to your questions on the broad subject of specialty brewing.

The unique simplicity of the Q&A format makes understanding and application straightforward. Editor Karl Ockert has assembled a talented group of expert contributors from within the pub, craft, and large brewing communities, who write from their own experience and knowledge to bring you the know-how you need in order to answer real-life questions quickly and easily. Practical knowledge is the objective for this handbook series which stresses useful applications over theory.
Inside Volume 2: Fermentation, Cellaring, and Packaging Operations

Traditional and modern processes for the fermentation of ales and lagers

Cellar, tank, and equipment design considerations

Clarification, filtration, and carbonation of finished beers

Racking beer in kegs and casks

Bottle filling operations, materials, and equipment

Laboratory methods, equipment, and calculations

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