The Comprehensive Guide to Brewing

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The Czech Republic is one of the most renowned beer-brewing countries and the team of authors of this book led by Prof. Basarová are specialists with wide international experience providing the reader with sixteen chapters not only on the entire beer brewing process from raw material to packaging but also on basic skills of brewing research, energy usage, water and wastewater.
The biochemical foundations of the ingredients used to brew beer as well as the individual processes employed in its production are examined in detail. Likewise, the authors competently elucidate the pertinent aspects of process engineering, accompanied by the corresponding formulas and equations. The methods and technology utilized in brewing are communicated clearly and in considerable depth. Additionally, a generous chapter is dedicated to microbiological procedures, including methods for monitoring sources of contamination and how to avoid the proliferation of microbes in practice. The attributes of beer discussed in subsequent chapters encompass both colloidal and flavor stability as well as the complex issue of beer and health. Information on the broad spectrum of modern beer styles and analytical methods required for efficiently monitoring brewery operations round out the book. An abundance of images facilitates comprehension of the material presented in each chapter.
The Comprehensive Guide to Brewing can serve as an essential reference for those working in brewery operations, as a textbook for students and a guide for future research.





Autor/en: Gabriela Basarova, Jan Savel, Petr Basar, Tomas Lejsek, Pavlina Basarova

Einband: Hardcover

Maße: 17,5 x 24,5 cm

Seitenzahl: 856

Erscheinungsdatum: 07.09.2017

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN: 978-3-418-00842-4

Verlag: Fachverlag Hans Carl GmbH



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