Sustainability in Craft Brewing

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104 S., Katharina Landerer, Manfred Mödinger, 29,7x 21cm, kart., 2014.

Climate change is on everyone's mind, and it is an issue which demands a diverse range of solutions. To tackle climate change, sustainable management is required, but also securing access to ample food supplies and confronting water shortages. The new guidelines Sustainability in Craft Brewing, created with the help of BierConvent International e.V., Verband Private Brauereien Bayern e.V., Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and the consulting firm of M. Mödinger in Siegsdorf, are devoted to this very issue. The demand for reliable information on sustainability in brewing has been building in the industry, and due to the ongoing and widespread discussion on the subject, these guidelines will find broad acceptance among brewery owners and brewers, especially those running smaller operations.

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