Enzymes Handbook

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Paul R. Mathewson, 109 S., Kart cm, Kart, 1998

This is a great little book! Loads of basic and practical information...easy and interesting to read."
-- Food Technology
Enzymes provides practical information in a straightforward non-technical manner for every food industry practitioner. It offers basic information concerning enzyme chemistry and their applications in food and beverage products and quick answers to enzyme questions.

Enzymes covers:

    Basic concepts including enzyme activity, factors affecting the rate of enzyme reactions, and enzyme nomenclature.
    Commercial production, storage, handling, and use of enzymes.
    Enzyme reactions including enzyme-substrate interactions, enzymes that hydrolyze carbohydrates, enzymes that hydrolyze proteins, enzymes affecting fats and oils, and others.
    Basic principles of enzyme activity, types of assay methods, and specifications.
    Application of enzymes to baked products, including breads and low-moisture products.
    Enzyme applications for beverages, covering beer and ethanol production, wine, and fruit juice processing.
    Other applications, including commercial sweetener production, dairy applications, protein modification, and endogenous enzymes as processing indicators.
    Problem solving and new opportunities for enzymes.

This first-stop source book is packed with useful charts, tables and figures that visually aid in understanding enzyme processes. Special troubleshooting sections offer quick answers to common enzyme application problems. Specific examples of enzyme applications are given and are explained in terms of both the beneficial and undesirable effects provided. Extensive appendixes, a complete glossary and an index are included for easy reference.
Enzymes is a valuable reference tool for a wide range of professionals, including:

    New Product Developers
    Quality Assurance Personnel
    Purchasing Agents
    Production Personnel
    Plant Managers and Supervisors
    Technical Sales Representatives

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