Encyclopedia of Brewing

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Christopher Boulton, 716 S., geb.., 2013

Encyclopedia of Brewing provides a comprehensive description and explanation of all terms which relate to the science and technology of beer, allied beverages and the brewing and malting processes. The Encyclopedia’s unrivalled coverage is extensive enough to provide an appropriately detailed description of each term under consideration, supplemented in many cases with diagrams and photographs. Offering an international perspective, the book includes descriptions of the terms used in:

    the brewing process, from raw materials through to packaging
    the biochemistry, microbiology and genetics which underpin brewing
    laboratory methods used for the analysis of beer and raw materials
    quality assurance/control systems and standards
    hygiene and cleaning processes
    small- and large-pack packaging
    engineering of malting, brewing, packaging and dispense
    beer flavour chemistry
    historical context
    legislation relevant to brewing

Encyclopedia of Brewing is the only book of its kind, and is destined to become the essential and authoritative first point of reference for brewing science.

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