Beverage Industry Microfiltration

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Nathan Starbard, 292 S., 15 x 23 cm, geb., 2008

Beverage Industry Microfiltration covers the engineering basics of microfiltration and presents a detailed understanding of the filtration media, filter formats, and equipment. The proper operation and monitoring of filtration processes are fully covered. Specific applications and industry examples are given for the primary beverage microfiltration markets, including the beer, wine, bottled water, spirits, dairy, soft drinks, sports drinks, and juice industries. This book can serve as a general learning tool; troubleshooting reference; filtration process optimization guide; means for selecting the proper filtration media/format; design and sizing guide for filtration equipment; and as a reference for new applications. Unlike any previous book on microfiltration, Beverage Industry Microfiltration is completely geared towards the beverage industry and its unique challenges.

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