Analysis of Taste and Aroma

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Von Jackson, J. F.; Linskens, H. F.. 269 S., 72 Abb., 22,9 x 15,2 cm. 2002. (In Englisch)

The series Molecular Methods of Plant Analysis launches the former 'Modern Methods' into the 'molecular' era with this volume on "Taste and Aroma". Analysis of the plant components interacting with these two senses, so important for the very survival of human beings and, in more recent times, the key to their enjoyment of life as well, is presented with examples of the use of molecular approaches. These include DNA microarrays, antisense technology and RNA gel blot analysis.Some recent advances in plant analysis technology embrace amongst others the use of electroantennography in the detection of physiologically important flower volatiles.

An introductory chapter explains what we know about the molecular biology of human taste and aroma receptors, as this has implications for the analysis of plant components interacting with these receptors. As the first volume in the molecular series, this book lays the foundation for others to come.

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